Welome to the community adult classes area. Here you can find out more details about each of the adult classes we are currently providing to our local community. Anyone with interest in the creative arts (beginners and experienced) can join our friendly adult classes.

  • For assistance in making your booking, and/or for any other enquiries, please do not hesitate in contacting us directly.
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Digital Photography - Term 3

£ 100 

10hr (5 week) digital photography course.

This course will show you basic photography and camera techniques/methods using the latest digital technology.

Beginners welcome to explore this wonderful creative medium.

Experienced photographers are also welcome to join these freindly classes where you will be able to take your photography to the next level.


Fine Art - Figure Drawing/Painting - Term 4

£ 100 

10hr (5 week) Figure drawing/painting classes.

No experience required.

Come along to learn the basics, and/or gain essential experience using our fully trained model as your muse.

Enjoy modern studios and freindly tution to guide and support your own devleopment in this subject.


Ceramics - Term 5

£ 100 

10hrs (5 week) course

A range of pottery methods can be enjoyed throughout the course.

Beginners and experienced potters welcome to join us for fun 3D classes.

Learn the basics, or use the time to develop your own practice and take your pottery to the next level.


Fine Art - Still Life drawing/painting - Term 6

£ 100 

10hrs (5 week) classes of drawing/painting from observation.

We welcome all keen/ budding artsists to come along and develop the skill of drawing from direct observation.

Our freindly tutors will guide you through the process and support you along the way.

Enjoy a freindly atmosphere in modern studios with excellent facilities.